BERNINA B 330 Tutorial

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An introduction to the BERNINA B 330

What’s Included

Here we have a quick run down of all the items that are included in the box when you first open your BERNINA 330

Set Up

Get some help with initial set up of your new BERNINA 330


A step by step walk through of getting your BERNINA 330 threaded

Selecting Stitches

How to get the perfect stitch selected to sew with on your BERNINA 330

Tension Settings

How to set the perfect tension for your BERNINA 330

Speed Control

How to control the speed of your BERNINA 330 and using the start/stop function on the control pad

Stitch Plate Markings

An explanation of the markings on the BERNINA 330 stitch plates and seam guides

Utility Stitches

Demonstrating the use of the Utility Stitches for your BERNINA 330

Sewing Elastic

Use the BERNINA 330 to sew elastic onto your project

Free Hand System

Demonstration of the Free Hand System (FHS) for the BERNINA 330

Mending Stitch

Using the mending stitch on the BERNINA 330

Gathering Sttich

Putting the gathering stitch to use on the BERNINA 330


How to create different types of buttonholes with your BERNINA 330

Sewing on Buttons

[fve[/fve]Learn how to use your BERNINA B 330 to attach buttons, the easy way!

Blanket Stitch

How to Blanket Stitch Applique with a BERNINA B 330

Blind Hem

How to Blind Hem with your BERNINA B 330

How the Stitch is Formed

A basic demonstration of how the BERNINA B 330 forms a stitch

Cleaning & Oiling

How to clean and oil your BERNINA B 330

Decorative Stitches

Take a look at some of the decorative stitches available on your BERNINA B 330